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Cats Diet with Basic Nutrition

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I already have shared some experience of how to handle cats and how to care them. Now, I want to share my experiences about healthy and nutrition diet for cats.

Most of the cats like to eat meat because it is their favorite diet and food. But you should have to care their diet in the proper value with vitamins and minerals.

We all know that there is no way to hunt for food to feed our cats. There are many other ways to arrange large number of nutritionally balanced foods. You should always try to feed your cat’s good quality of food.

Cats don’t like varieties of foods. So, you can make a chart for their diet and healthy foods. Requirement of nutrition food can be judged by age and size. There can be a little difference between your adult cats and kittens.

You should just know that an average number of cats are needed a cup of foods on the daily basis. You can just avoid feeding all types of food especially which are made for human being.

You should switch from one type to another type of foods in a gradual process. If you buy a cat from market, read their direction very carefully.

If your cats and kitten diet are healthy and nutrition, you can keep them healthy and happy for a long time.

Make Your Home Useful for Cats

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Keeping cats as pet are not very hard but keeping them very carefully is hard. Now, most of the people of world, like to keep a cat as pet. They buy cats, adopt cats or get cats as gift. Keeping cats are known as a good status also. There are many people who keep cats bet they don’t know how to keep them as safe.

There are many opinions and thought over the internet about keeping safe of cats or kittens but all are not useful. You have to select some of theme which is useful. There are many thought also to keep cats in a special home. What is special home for cats? How can we make our house very useful for cats? There are many questions these types of. I think people should think over that.

Yes, I enjoying with my cats and I have kept my house very useful to live them. What I have done in my house to them, I want to share that. I had kept my eyes on them for a long time to know what they do every time. I watched they are hunting, pouncing, scratching, jumping, climbing, exploring, running, bird- and squirrel-watching, and sleeping.

This was the inspiration of my ideas. I had already done many things for them like - eating good food, drinking fresh water, and using a clean box but these were not enough. So, I decided to do something to keep them free in my house.

I bought some toys which are related to my cats – teddy bear, cats cartoon, small boxes and some tables. I arranged all these things properly in my room according to their activities.

I noticed cats and arranged all the things according their conveniences. I placed cartoon in a corner. I placed teddy bear in center of my room. I place small boxes over the rack of my room. Lastly, I placed all tables in the corner of my room. All these stuffs made my kittens very active. That idea was very proper to keep cats in my room as safe.

On the selection of Cats

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Before buying a cat you should decide that what types of cats you should select. You need to know selection ideas about cats. To know the kind of cats selection here is an article:

"So you're seriously thinking about getting your first cat, and you are sure you want a cat in your life. Splendid! You may have some preconceived notions that you want a particular breed of cat, or that you want a kitten instead of an adult kitty. But before that important decision, do some homework. Like life itself, there are many factors involved in choosing a cat, some of which you may never have considered. Here's the help you need in making that decision. On the other hand, you may find yourself lucky enough to be chosen by the cat of your future.

Male vs Female

Personality-wise, there really isn't a lot of difference between the sexes, if they are neutered. Whole male (unneutered) cats will fight for territory if outdoors, and indoors will liberally spray their strong scent on walls and curtains, to mark their territory. Whole females will also spray on occasion. Worse yet, they will make themselves and you miserable each time they go into season, with loud yowls and bizarre body gyrations.

On the other hand, once spayed, their personalities will improve, if anything. I've known male cats to be loving and loyal, and they are my usual preference. Other people swear by female cats as felicity purrsonified. Bottom line is that it doesn't make a lot of difference. You'll want to look for personality first, then if you find several nice kitties, narrow it down to sex, if that's important to you."

Full Post : What Kind of Cat Should I Get?

Toys for your cats from Cats International

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Recently, I read one article about the toys for your cars from cat’s international sites. The article is very useful for the cat’s pet owner. It will be helpful in the understanding of how to care cats. I needn’t to explain more about the article because I am going to show you that article on my pet cats blog below:

"In his highly entertaining and informative book, How to Get Your Cat to Do What You Want, Warren Eckstein states that you should have no less than two dozen toys for your cat. Cats, being the intelligent creatures they are, need stimulation. Of course, all 24 toys should not be available to Kitty at all times, but they should be rotated with some being retired for awhile. When they are taken out again, they will seem new and exciting.

It is not necessary to spend a fortune at the pet store to please your cat's playful streak. Some of the most popular toys are freebies or are home-made. Try out some of the following on your favorite feline:

  • Lightweight items for the "catch and kill" game, such as balled-up tissue or waxed paper.
  • Plastic rings that hold down the lids of plastic milk jugs--great for sliding along the kitchen floor.
  • A couple of ping pong balls in the bathtub--purrfect for feline raquetball.
  • The centers of toilet paper, tape, and calculator rolls, empty plastic film containers, nuts in their shells--all useful for batting practice.
  • Cotton socks of varying sizes stuffed with cotton balls and catnip and tied at the end.
Cats love hide-outs. From time-to-time let your cat explore a paper grocery bag (without handles) or a cardboard box. Never let your cat play in a plastic bag due to the danger of suffocation. More about unsafe toys...read more..."

How to Learn Cats Speaking

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Recently, I read an article on cat’s communication and language. I think we can learn how to speak our cats. It is not easy but it is very interesting I think. Read below a big article on the subject I am sure you will like that:

"There are at least nineteen different types of "miaow" which differ in pitch, rhythm, volume, tone, pronunciation and the situations in which they are used. The familiar purr is used for contentment and also for self-reassurance.

A loud purr is an invitation for close contact. Injured or sick cats (and even cats which are dying) purr. Interestingly, the frequency of the purr has been shown to soothe the cat and to promote healing. The "miaow" and purr are just two of at least thirteen different categories of sound made by cats: caterwaul, chatter, chirrup (chirp), cough-bark (rare in pet cats), growl, hiss (with or without spit). meow, mew (of kittens), purr, scream, squawk, yowl and idiosyncratic sounds (i.e. sounds peculiar to an individual cat).

There are probably over 30 different sounds. The number of sounds a cat makes depends on how much the cat communicates with (a) other cats and (b) other non-cats e.g. humans. Cats which communicate with humans a lot have a wider spoken vocabulary because they learn that humans understand sounds but cannot easily understand feline body language. Cats learn which sounds elicit the desired response from their human companions and some cats have a wider "vocabulary" than others. Cats which communicate mostly with other cats use mainly on body language and scent - this is their "native language". Their body language is subtle, but many owners and cat workers learn to read the more obvious cues.

House Cats, Feral Cats and Big Cats

Housecats develop a wide variety of sounds to alert humans to their needs and intentions. Many are variations on mother/kitten meow or chirp sounds which the cat has adapted in order to "speak" to non-cats. This is quite logical since the cosseted housecat remains dependent on humans i.e. a permanent kitten. Others are adult sounds such as the caterwaul (used in a sexual or territorial context) or the cough-bark (a fear/anger sound usually accompanied by a front paw stamp).

Cats kept with other cats are communicating with each other all the time through body language and scent. They are communicating with their owners all the time too, it's our problem that we can't understand their language. Cats work out which sounds elicit suitable responses from humans (positive feedback) and learn to make those sounds in order to achieve a particular aim e.g. for a door to be opened.

Since humans are in charge, it makes sense for the cat to learn to communicate vocally though it must sometimes be frustrating to a cat which has clearly communicated its mood using facial expression to have to explain things vocally to humans. It is the feline equivalent of speaking slowly and loudly to a foreigner!"

Source Via : Cat Communication and Language

How to care cats as a pet

Friday, December 12, 2008

According to the National Pet owners Survey about 88 million domesticated cats are in the country writes American pet products Association. You should know that cats are also useful to natural resources and contribute ton environmental issues.

With 88 million domesticated cats in the country (according to the National Pet Owners Survey by the American Pet Products Association), the question isn’t just academic. Like their human companions, pets’ modern lifestyles consume natural resources and can contribute to environmental issues like greenhouse gases and the waste stream.

Jill Cordes who is the America’s first broadband pet channel says, “As consumers and responsible pet owners, we are all looking for ways to care for our pets’ health and their environment. Many of us are already putting eco-friendly practices into action in our own lives, from buying organic food to shopping with reusable bags and switching to natural household cleaners.”

So, from here we can contribute for the cats – Shelter, we can use protection and many other practices also like we can give them some love affection and keep them clean and gentle etc.
You should know that kittens are very curious by their nature and they love visiting playing and running with their owner. In this situation you need to be aware of any potential problems that will occur in the birthing process.

Along with there will be another process which will happen with you into playing process with your cats. You need to give them on time your food and vet expenses with your kittens.

Don't Neglect your Cat

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Most of people know that cat's bhaviour can be change if a cat is being abused or neglected. Bad behavior for cat is usually play her with aggressively. Here you have to know about neglect or abuse of cats to understand why don't neglect your cat.

Most of people who is now pet owner can neglect their cat intentional or unintentional. But usually unintentional abuse known as neglect. And this thing is done by human society or human being in all over the world. So, I am writing here about the neglect of cat.

At 1st how can you neglect your cat? There are some resources water, food, shelter, rest and hygienic elimination if you don't provide your cat properly on time it means the cat is being ignored or neglected by you.

Along with your behaviour with your cat are these forced to live in filth, confined to a cage all the time, or denied companionship with people or other animals then it means you are neglecting your cat also in these way.

Now, I have to let you know the effect of negligence. The symptoms of overweight from lack of activity, apathetic when play is offered, fear response in the cat, the cat may cry or hiss etc. can be develop with your cat.

In this way I can always recommend with pet owner that never should neglect and ignore their cats or any pets.

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